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The Internet has changed how we work and do business. It presents small business owners with huge new opportunities - waiting to be tapped - as well as challenges on how to make best out of it.

Well-designed and maintained websites and expanding your business to the world of online selling will definitely bring you more customers and higher revenue.

So, how do you start harnessing its power?

Here is a helpful reading first from Forbes Magazine on Top 7 Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make  which can help you avoid pitfalls.

We at LivermoreHosting provide professional web design and hosting service to the small business clients at surprisingly low cost empowered by the following factors:

Low Overhead
Using a distributed team approach, we are good at minimizing our cost and overhead. The net result: We pass the savings directly to our clients.
Our team is small but big on industry experience and is expert at current technology stacks. We have worked with many small businesses,  government offices, non-profit organizations and the military. We recommend the best and cost-effective solutions to your needs.
The  LIVERMOREHOSTING brings efficient, convenient one stop shopping service. Think of us as your own dedicated IT team,  assisting you in every step of the way on your IT needs - from design, development, hosting of your site, to promoting your name and business on Internet search engines and to social media, and beyond. 

To learn more about our services, or to schedule a consultation appointment with  our staff, contact us today.

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How Your Project Works

  1. You contact us
  2. Our friendly staff will call you to discuss your needs and requirements
  3. Based on the discussions and our analysis, we submit the proposal to you
  4. Upon start of the project, you get a private login account into our project-tracking website. Using this account, you can track your project's progress, submit documents, and communicate with the assigned designer on 1-on-1 basis
  5. When you approve the completed work, the website goes live on your domain name
  6. We host your website and provide complete update/enhancement services

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In a Nut Shell...


Our goal is to deliver outstanding, quality websites to our small business clients for low price. All our works are backed by worry-free, reliable after-care services. (Fees apply.)
We believe business relationship is ultimately a human relationship based on courtesy, respect , and trust. We strive to earn your trust.