On-Line Store

Launch Your On Line Store!

Whether you have a few items or hundreds to sell, we can help you launch your online store!
There are many options available, and opening and operating your online store has never been this easy or affordable!
Our experienced designer will help you step by step with the following:

  • Planing OnLine Selling
  • Designing the Store
  • Uploading Catalogs of Items
  • Accepting Online Payments
  • Processing Orders
  • Business Reports and Analysis
  • Complete Back-end Training


Selling On Line

Launching your first online store can seem daunting. With careful planning and training, you will find it surprisingly easy. We will help you all the way. Selling online can be fun and lucrative.
Shopify is one of the good platforms.





Your One Stop Shopping
We can help you with the design, preparation, launch, and training for day-to-day operation of your On Line Store

One important aspect of successful online store is a solid operation training for the business owner. The owner should be comfortable with uploading and updating items, handling and shipping orders as well as providing customer service to own customers. We are experienced trainers and we will see to it that you have a good grip of your online store operation.

There are many viable commercial platforms to host your online store (i.e. Shopify, Volution, Amazon, Yahoo, Etsy, etc), each with varying degree of cost, features, and target audience. We analyze your unique requirements and will recommend the best, most cost-effective choice for you.

Our job is not done until you the online store owner can run it as skillfully as you run your offline store. We will help you to reach that point.

Ok, I am ready to start

Steps in Creating Store

  1. You contact us first
  2. Our friendly staff will call you and discuss your requirements
  3. Based on your need, we pick the best online store platform for you - amazon, yahoo, shopify, etc,.
  4. We build a test online store for you, loaded with actual items that your business sells
  5. We connect the online payment system to your merchant account so you can accept credit card payments
  6. Throughout the project, you get a private login account into our website. Using this account, you can submit documents, track your project progress, and communicate with the designer on 1-on-1 basis
  7. Following thorough testings and your OK, your online store goes live on your domain name
  8. We provide complete training/update/enhancement service